My Travel Diary- Arturo Ortiz Arduán | Tourism Counselor of Tourism Office of Spain in Mumbai

Published: November 2nd, 2013,11:20

My Travel Diary- Arturo Ortiz Arduán | Tourism Counselor of Tourism Office of Spain in Mumbai

Arturo Ortiz Arduán

Mr. Arturo Ortiz Arduán has spent more than 16 years in the travel industry. He has graduated in law from a renowned university in Spain. Since 1997, he is working at Turespaña (Tourism Office of Spain) and is currently employed as the Tourism Counselor for the Embassy of Spain in India. He has previously lead the team of market intelligence in Turespaña, has worked as Tourism Counselor in the Tourism Offices of Spain in Düsseldorf and Moscow.



Favourite destination …..

It is difficult to terms of where I like most to return, I would say Lanzarote island in the Canary Islands, it is a volcanic island, half of it is covered by lava after an eruption in the XVIII century which changed the island forever.

Destination from a traveler’s eye….

It is a quiet place with impressive sceneries, beautiful beaches, mild weather, and no outdoor advertising, which is banned by the local laws.

When I travel I love……

The feeling of freedom, to disconnect from real life and live differently for a short period. Most of the times, it is a remarkable experience. I like nature, old cities and blue waters. Occasionally, I love to go sailing with friends in the Mediterranean.

I can’t forget ….. 

Once I missed a friend´s wedding as I had a trip scheduled to Washington, only to meet her there on the street because it was her honeymoon destination.

Tips for fellow travelers…..

Pack light, be open-minded, and do things that you dream of but can’t do otherwise.

Next I am traveling to…….

I am escorting a group of Indian travel agents to Spain, to visit Madrid and some UNESCO heritage cities such as Salamanca and Ibiza -which is a historic landmark

My dream destination……

I would love to visit many places like Machu Picchu in Peru, Eastern Island, and visit again with more time in Iceland…

My philosophy on travel……

We travel not only to have new experiences but as well to share them with friends and relatives. Sharing travel experiences are as important as travelling. Keep sharing…share comments, photos, tweets coffee shops or in virtual networks…don’t keep it only for yourself!

-      By Sharmila Chand

The writer is a Senior Resident Editor with Food & Beverage Business Review | Hotel Business Review | Bakery Review | Clean & Hygiene Review.  She is also a Freelance Writer for Hospitality I Travel | Lifestyle | Food.


Published: November 2nd, 2013,11:20

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