About Intelligent-Traveller

Travel is amongst the most surfed categories on the net. Intelligent Traveller eNewsletters are positioned to be India’s most influential travel trade newsletter with an aim to be the premier B2B online source for global travel services and products, travel news and destination information.

It serves as an interactive platform and a first point of search for all internet travel users. If your company provides products or services in the travel, tourism hospitality and related industries and / or if every traveler is your “Targeted Market Segment”, then Intelligent Traveller is the medium to reach this segment almost exclusively.



 You have attractive schemes but your potential clients don’t know about it. It doesn’t get you the profit you want….

You operate a business in a cruise port and want to promote your products, routes, availability, timetables to buyer and travel consultant around the world……

You own a resort/ hotel and want to attract visitors to your property…..

You are in MICE business having facilities for meetings at your hotels or destination and want the industry to know about them………

You want to reach direct consumer with different and reasonable packages……..

You want to pick up extraordinary from the ordinary for your growing business………

You want to get an exposure for your events and exhibitions…….

Then………Intelligent Traveller e-newsletters is the place for you.

 What you can do to get maximum benefits

You can make yourself known to the global travel trade by promoting your services on Intelligent Traveller.

You can increase your profitability by attracting visitors to your resort, hotel, attraction festival or other tourism related venture by telling your story in a sponsored article or by simply advertising on Intelligent-Traveller.

There is no slowing down in the meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions market. You can rely on Intelligent-Traveller to reach the niche markets.

You can get excellent coverage for your destination in Intelligent-Traveller by advertising on it.

You can post your vacancies on Intelligent-Traveller and take your company to the new heights.

Our reach

Intelligent Traveller e-newsletters not only reach the trade but also to travellers around the globe.

Intelligent-Traveller can help your business attract new clients with low cost, affordable advertising & promotional packages.

In today’s fast times, travellers want prefixed itineraries for their holidays. They are relying more on internet and companies offering best deals on internet. Intelligent Traveller eNewsletters is one of the best tools available for travel agents and tour operators to showcase their products to the discerning traveller.

Why Intelligent-Traveller eNewsletters?

Intelligent Traveller eNewsletters provide innovative marketing and advertising solutions to support an advertiser’s specific brand objectives.

We know the travel & tourism industry inside & out. We know what works & what does not.

How will you be benefited:-

Creating new business and growing existing accounts will enable you to achieve profitability in the increasingly competitive travel industry.

Your company’s logo & message will reach over 20000 readers, 85% of them are travel industry professionals. 

Frequency of Intelligent-Traveller eNewsletters

Intelligent – Traveller weekly travel news update By-Weekly
Intelligent-Traveller MICE eNewsletter Monthly
“ Incredible Destinations” by Intelligent-Traveller Monthly
Explore Indian Adventure Monthly

Intelligent-Traveller – Circulation Reference & Reach

Intelligent Traveller is India’s most influential travel trade newsletter. With the readership of 20,000 every month it reaches all the decision makers in the industry. Our popular readership spans from highest designated travel professionals to future Entrepreneurs / Managers studying at various travel institutes across the country.

Circulation Break-up



Travel Agents and Tour operators



MICE operators         18%
Hotels and Luxury Resorts          12%
PR Agencies          3%
Trade associations          5%
Multinational Companies          7%
National Tourist Offices          8%
CEOs and owners of Indian and foreign companies          11%
Airlines          10%
Government and Tourism offices           4%


Countries where Intelligent-Traveller eNewsletters reach

India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, London, Amsterdam, Brazil, China, Dubai, Spain, Greece, Berlin, Frankfurt, France etc.

Banner Advertisements 

Advertisers looking for a targeted route to travel professionals need look no further than Intelligent Traveller

There are various Banner Advertising Placements available in different sizes on Intelligent Traveller (India’s leading B2B travel news portal)

Banner ads (468×60 pixels in size) and button ads (125×60 pixels) are available throughout Intelligent Traveller eNewsletters.

All ads feature a hyperlink to your own website.

Advertising rates for Intelligent-Traveller By-weekly travel news update


Advertisement Rates
Top Banner INR 12000
Middle Banner INR 10000
Bottom Banner INR 8000
Stamp ad on the right/left hand side INR 6000

Advertisement rates for Intelligent-Traveller MICE eNewsletter

Top banner INR 10000/- per issue
Middle Banner INR 8000/- per issue
Bottom Banner INR 6000/- per issue

Rates for “Incredible Destinationby Intelligent-Traveller


The cost per issue  INR 25000/-

Advertising rates for “Explore Indian Adventures” Monthly eNewsletter for the Adventure Travel Enthusiasts


Advertisement Rates
Top Banner INR 8000
Middle Banner INR 5000
Bottom Banner INR 3000
Stamp ad on the right/left hand side INR 1000

Customer Service Pledge

As an advertising client of Intelligent Traveller (India’s leading B2B travel news portal), you should know that our commitment goes beyond offering first-rate ad solutions. Our team of specialists are committed to doing whatever it takes to deliver world-class service to our clients on a 24/7 basis.

We pledge to provide you with customer service that exceeds your expectations. We will give priority to your needs, offer accurate information in a timely manner, deliver on our promises and resolve any problems or issues – all with the highest level of professionalism.